Car Buyer

Car Buyer is a car dealership servicing the Wellington region. Their aim is to make selling your vehicle as hassle-free as possible and a positive experience for the seller.


Before we employed Richie’s services, we weren’t generating any leads through our website. Almost immediately we saw very good results. We now have a steady stream of leads coming in every day.

Richard McGillivray
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Car Buyer wanted to use their website to find people that wanted to sell their car, their existing website was generating very few leads. The conversion rate was low because people were having a hard time finding the information they needed on the website. Something needed to be done to streamline the process and increase the overall number of leads.

They’d run Google ads themselves but were finding it too expensive to generate leads and very few leads were coming in. Car buying services are utilised on an as-needed basis, so training the Google algorithm to make more confident decisions regarding our best leads would be essential in reducing the cost to acquire.


My goal was to increase the number of leads they were generating online and lower their cost to acquire at the same time. It would be crucial to meet their potential customers when they are actively in the market to sell their car. A campaign restructure helped dramatically decrease the cost per lead almost immediately. By successfully leveraging automation on the Google Ads search networks, we were able to expand our reach to more potential leads.

A redesign of the landing page to meet conversion optimisation best practises was essential. We needed to build trust, provide the information that the user needed, and motivate them to submit the lead form. The integrated lead capture form conveniently emailed their team when a new lead came through and stored a backup on the backend of their website.


  • Cost per lead dropped from $120 to $27 within 2 weeks
  • Conversion rate went from 10% to 30%
  • Number of leads went from 2 per week to over 10 per week