Haavik Research

Haavik Research is a team of Chiropractic researchers. They’ve created an online resource library and learning platform designed to help Chiropractors stay up to date on the latest research and also help Chiro’s educate their patients about the science of chiropractic.

It’s created by a team of chiropractors, scientists and digital media specialists, headed by an award-winning chiropractor and Neurophysiologist Dr. Heidi Haavik.


Richie has done an amazing job helping us reach members of the Chiropractic community globally. He’s been able to generate a huge amount of new memberships to our website and tell us exactly how much it costs to generate a new member – something that no agency has ever been able to tell us before.

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Haavik research had difficulty reaching members of the Chiropractic community in order to convert them into members of their website. Advertising on Google was particularly difficult as Google has strict rules around healthcare and advertising.

My job was to educate new customers on the key selling points of the membership and explain the benefits so they can make a completely informed decision when considering to subscribe.

Haavik Research worked with digital agencies in the past that weren’t able to report on their investment or provide transparency around any return they were getting. The most important metric we had to optimise for was cost per lead.


As always, I first made sure I was able to track conversion value and the cost per acquisition. With clearly defined cost and conversion goals, I decided to make the most of the client’s strong social media following. Starting with an engaged following is a great way to leverage Facebook’s machine learning; it is always beneficial to provide the algorithm with as much valuable data as possible.

I converted many social followers into paying website members and purchasers. I then focused on using existing membership data to reach new members of the chiropractic community worldwide. I implemented an advertising strategy designed to move cold members of the chiropractic community towards becoming a member.

I installed lead capture forms on key landing pages and automated email marketing designed to educate and convert leads into website members.


The new campaign structure resulted in a steady increase in website memberships.

  • 160% increase in conversions over the course of 3 months
  • 120% increase in book sales online
  • Defined a cost per acquisitions to maintain profitably on one months’ membership