Facebook Ads

Generate leads & get more sales

I’m an expert in generating leads and website traffic with Facebook ads.

I use Facebook ads to reach new people and generate awareness for your business.

I can use Facebook to target your ideal customer, no matter how niche. That means we won’t waste money advertising to people that aren’t a potential customer and increase your ROI.

I can use Facebook ads to reach your current customers too, to generate more sales and to make sure they see your new content. 

Google Ads

Reach the people searching for you

The top of the Google search results is prime realestate. If your website shows at the top for a particular search term, you’ll reach customers who are actively searching for your product or service.

A Google search ad is a text ad which displays at the top of Google search results. 

We can use the Google Ads platform to choose keywords which relate to your product or service, then when someone does a Google search containing your keywords, your website will display at the top of the search results.

Optimised Websites

Improve your conversion rate

When a new person visits your website, you have 2-6 seconds to convince them to stay before they bounce.

An optimised website will immediately provide clear and direct information to achieve your goal and increase your conversion rate. Whether that’s generating leads, sales or something else.

Every detail of your website contributes to how effective it is at generating conversions – the layout of the page, the copywriting, the colour of your headings and buttons are all huge contributors to the psychology of marketing online.

I know all of the best practices through years of testing and experimentation, and I can implement them for your website.

Email Marketing

Automated marketing & onboarding

In all marketing activities, one of the most important conversions you can get is an email address.

Email is powerful, it produces the highest return on investment of any kind of marketing activity.

It may seem outdated to some people but because of smartphones, email usage is at an all time high.

A large list of emails is worth far more than Facebook likes or Instagram followers.

I can setup email templates and automated email sequencing to generate sales and onboard your customers.