Our approach

Facebook Ads

Generate leads & get more sales


I help plan your marketing budget based on a cost per sale or lead that you need to hit in order to maximise your profitability.

Facebook ads and Instagram ads are often the most profitable channel for our clients due to the enormous volume of potential customers spending a huge amount of time the platform. Many shoppers make purchase decisions based on research and recommendations they find on Facebook. Facebook ads are also excellent for reengaging your past customers and generating repeat sales.

We’ll design your ads, setup your campaigns, analyse the data regularly and optimise performance to increase revenue and leads over time.

Our Approach

While running a Facebook ads campaign may look easy, it actually takes a lot of thought and analysis to drive consistent, high quality traffic to your website that will earn you more money than it will cost.

We’ll create multiple iterations of each ad so we can split test them inside live campaigns in order to consistently increase click through rate while decreasing your cost per conversion over time.

How you target your audience is the most important element of a successful campaign, I have the experience to help set you off on the right foot. I can use your existing customer data to find new customers who show a high purchase intent. Leveraging your existing customer database is the best way to take full advantage of Facebook’s machine learning artificial intelligence.